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About Radcliffe & Associates

Radcliffe & Associates was established and created in 2016 by Shaun Radcliffe, a Southern Californian native with over 10 years of real estate experience. Shaun is now accompanied by Michelle Silvestri, Brittney Paino, Nethwan Mataraarachchige, and Mike Elledge. With their combined energy and extensive knowledge of the market, Radcliffe & Associates use their 35 years of collective experience and expertise to implement their vision – a fully integrated, multi-agent real estate team with exceptional customer service.

The pillars to their success incorporate Service, Trust, Availability, Reliability, Accountability, and Speed. Their mantra is ‘Relentlessly Caring’, which embodies an approach that is unlike any other. Radcliffe & Associates relies upon efficient business practices and core values that continue to drive the team’s mission and exceed their clients’ expectations. Their desire to be direct and honest allows them to give quick and accurate assessments of their client's ability to buy or sell their desired home. They continue to revolutionize real estate and expand with new clients, service capabilities, and an unwavering focus on the core principles of their team.

Radcliffe & Associates are readily available to their clients 24/7 by cell, email, text, or by appointment. They understand that real estate is conducted at all times of the week and on weekends, and they are voluntarily available and nearby always. Put our combined 35 years of experience to work for you and experience a new dimension of real estate professional for you and your family.

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